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Tony Robbins is one of the most revered writers and thinkers of our time. People all over the world – from the underprivileged to the rich, from the 20-year-olds to the retirees – owe him for giving them the inspiration and the tools to change their lives. From nutrition and fitness to business and leadership to relationships and self-esteem, Tony Robbins’ books have changed people profoundly and forever. Now, for the first time, he has compiled a valuable “distillation of almost all the great personal finance ideas of the past forty years

Based on extensive research and interviews with some of today’s most legendary investors (John Bogle, Warren Buffett, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn and many more), Tony Robbins has created a 7-step plan to guarantee freedom of financing. With advice on controlling your financial decisions, creating a savings and investment plan, breaking myths about what it takes to save and invest, creating a “Real-Time Income Plan”. life ”, the book is packed with tips and practices for making The Finance Game not only winnable, it gives you financial freedom for the rest of your life. “Put MONEY on your list of new books you want to read… It’s so good

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Money Master the Game PDF free download
Money Master the Game PDF free download

Money master the game

I just finished reading Tony Robbins ’latest book, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom. It is a long title for a book, but it is also a great book (almost 700 pages long). This is Tony Robbins' first book in more than 20 years, so I was thrilled to read it.

Tony Robbins has trained and inspired more than 50 million people from over 100 countries. More than 4 million people attended his live events. Oprah Winfrey calls him a superman. Now, for the first time - in his first book in two decades - he turned to a topic that bothers us all: how to provide financial freedom for ourselves and our families.

Tony Robbins money master the game

Based on detailed research and one-on-one interviews with more than 50 of the world's most legendary financial experts - from Carl Aikan and Warren Buffett, to Ray Dali and Steve Forbes - Tony Robbins has created a simple 7-step project that anyone can take advantage of financial freedom.

I will first say that I am a fan of Tony’s previous work and that I attended the Unleash Power seminar inside. This book is in a similar style to his other books.

For this review, I bought a hardcover book and an Audible version. Be careful if you buy the audio version of the book: Tony Robbins reads only the first and last chapters. Most of the book is narrated by Jeremy Bob. I thought Jeremy read the material well, but he's not Tony Robbins.

what is the money for
Robbins begins the book with many of the weaknesses we face with investing: high advisory fees, actively managed funds, and the way the market is set up.

It’s great that someone like Tony, who is massively attractive, is discussing a topic as important as investing. So many people are not educated on this topic, and even a basic 101 investments can be profound for the average person.

On the other hand, for readers who are just starting to invest, the book contains a lot of information that will probably be useful to you. For an intermediate to advanced investor, there is also excellent insight. Unfortunately, you have to go through a lot of fillers, repetitive information and some contradictory claims, but mostly it pays off.

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I like how the book is organized, in which certain passages are listed while the material is presented in an orderly and logical order. Although Tony is often repeated throughout the book, he summarizes every step of the way that may be necessary for some readers.

The same can be said for the psychology and motivation of investing in money. "Why" is always more important than "how", especially for long-term goals such as retirement planning.

Where does the money go wrong?
As Tony does with all his other material, he constantly mixes education, entertainment, selling names and selling other products and services throughout the book.

I see how disgusting this could be for some who aren’t used to Tony’s writing style.

Money master the game PDF

While reading, I noticed some inaccuracies and inconsistencies. For example, Roth IRAs are recommended for people who qualify based on income requirements, but there is no mention of the backdoor Roth IRA method.

Tony recommends using a cheap passive index-based investment, but some of the experts he interviewed oppose or could be considered some of the same insiders he stumbled upon at the beginning of the book. Also, hedge fund managers like Ray Dalio, when Tony was interviewed for the book, could offer high returns, but as an investor you pay through the nose with a 2/20 commission program.

The interview section in the book, in my opinion, was mostly useless. While there are some bits of information that a smart investor could get by reading some of the best investors, the average investor will be confused with mixed advice.

A consultant from JP Morgan recommends active management, while Jack Bogl says that indexing is the right way. For most readers, I recommend skipping this section.

Inconsistencies are perhaps the most annoying aspect of the book and can confuse a novice investor.

Money master the game eBook

It's great how Tony says that if you use a financial advisor, you should get one who is a trustee, who puts your best interests first. For many people, this can be a shock, but usually most financial advisors do not put their interests first.

The third chapter of the book talks about the ultimate goals. This section was somewhat enlightening for my skill level as well. I have better cooperation